My Bucket List ♚


I was grateful that I finally published my work as an EBook and hopefully it will be a book soon! (I wish!). Joining workshop of Summit Media (BuqoYA) created a turning point in my life where I realized something important is happening to me, something that I discovered hidden from the deepest part of my heart.

Let’s go back from where it started. Before, I was just fond of reading books, making stories on my own using a notebook and a pen. It’s started when I was in my high school years. I was reading my story when my classmate read it and share it to others, napunta pa sa ibang sections ang story na ginawa ko until ng bumalik sa akin, gutay-gutay na na parang tinorture at ginahasa. I was hurt seeing my own story being like “murdered” but I was surprised when they are talking to me like “Ang ganda ng story mo! Sana may part two!”, “Gawan mo din ako please? Bigyan kita notebook and ballpen!” “Ako rin!”. Naging instant popular ako after nilang ibalik sa akin ang kawawa kong notebook and I was like “Really? Nagustuhan niyo kahit maraming erasures?” I can’t imagine how everyone was happy reading my story. Pinatawad ko nalang sila sa ginawa nila because I knew that somehow, I made them happy. Then after that, marami ng nakapila na stories na gagawin ko and hindi ako nakaramdam ng pagod, actually, gustong-gusto ko pang magsulat kahit medyo masakit na ang kamay ko na parang bumakat na ang ballpen sa palad ko at minsan nagre-read aloud pa ako sa mga lines na ginawa ko. Minsan dinadama ko pa siya, humaharap ako sa salamin na parang ako ang bida and sasabihin ‘yung mga madramang lines na sinulat ko. Dadagdagan ko pa if ever may kulang sa ginawa ko. It was really an amazing part my life. But I don’t label myself as an author (before). For me, it was just for fun. Until I became conscious that something is lacking in my life. Parang kahit anong gawin kong ibang bagay, hindi ako kontento. I was pursuing a degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Biological Science. Nagtapos na ako but I don’t work as a teacher. Because I want something in my life that I think is better than pursuing a degree that is far beyond the expectations of my heart. My sister introduced a website called Wattpad—a world designed for an author and a reader. I tried it and after waiting for someone who can read my story, I was surprised to see that they love it, they love the characters and how the story is going on. Their eagerness to read my updates made me excited to write day by day. And I suddenly understand what my heart wants.

It’s to write a story that will be loved by many. A story that will bestow moral lessons in life. A story that is coming from my heart. A story that has a heart and soul. A masterpiece.

Until now, I was still savoring my success in life. A success that finally opens my heart to what I truly desire from the very beginning. I finally appreciate who I was, why I was born and what my worth is. I was born to write. I was born to be an author. An author that will be remembered someday.

I am an author by heart, by soul and by life.

Being one of the authors who joined this workshop (buqoYA) is such an honor and a dream came true. At last! Natupad ko na rin ang pangarap ko! (sabi ko sa sarili ko). All the headaches, writer’s block and sleepless nights just constructing an outline, plotting, editing and so much more were replaced by happiness and pleasures when I finally done and submitted it to Ms. Mina, the final revision of my story. I still remember deleting some scene na pinaghirapan kong isipin but for the sake of making my story much better, I needed to sacrifice those lines and remove it. And for you to know, my story that I entered in buqoYA is all about a wish that she (Traecy) wanted to fulfill as a gift for her 18th birthday.

And later, you will find out if that wish came true. If you buy a BuqoYA Bundle 4 Heart Choices! 6 great authors and 6 amazing stories including mine! (UNTIL THE RACE IS OVER) Click this Link




Grab your own copy now. You can pay it with your own sun prepaid load or choose what payment options there that you want. Thank you! I hope this story of mine inspires you to love, to wish and to have faith.

God bless!

XoXo 💋

Lyka Caparos     



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