God’s gift


Mau and Lyka ♥

Bucket list: ●To be with someone I love. To be with someone who appreciates everything even I smell awful. Haha!

✔Magkasundo sa lahat ng bagay/trip
✔Give and take relationship ❤
✔God-Fearing 🙏
✔Respect to each other
✔Suportive to each other
✔Full of happiness and nagdadamayan sa isa’t-isa whenever some sort of bad/issues happened
✔Boy (seloso but sweet!)
✔Girl (expect less but appreciate everything)
✔Great traveller and Food buddies

But before all of these things, these two person went into big struggles that want them to tear apart. They fight for what they think it’s right. Accepted and learned for the mistakes which made them grow into a better person they are now.
A turning point in their lives. Every time they think about those past events, they can’t even realize how they get through all those things. It seems like all was according to the plan of God above that these two person SHALL meet and make the best moment of their lives.
Their love is a blessing and it’s worth fighting for.

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