BuqoYA Bundle 4: Heart Choices: On the Outside Looking in by Claire Du

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HEART CHOICES. Sometimes it’s hard to choose. Do you stay or do you let go? Should you become friends, more than friends, or stay strangers? Would you risk love for popularity? You’re invited to explore these stories and find out each character’s choice from the heart.
It’s been awhile! I was so busy these past days that I can’t publish this post. Anyway, I’m still keeping my promise about “every book deserves to have a reviews” :’) I will post the others soon!

On the Outside Looking In by Claire Du

Seventeen-year-old Freya Mahilum has always been in love with football hotshot Ezra Montelibano. Ezra, who’s too caught up with family pressures and his so-called girlfriend to pay attention to a geek obsessed with him. Freya knows she’d never stand a chance with him, but then fate conspires to bring them together. Will getting to know each other prove that love knows no boundaries or will they find that they’re better off existing in two separate worlds?
Excerpts of On the Outside
“Come on! We need those points! Run for it!” someone shouted from the benches. I knew that was Ezra’s ever-supportive dad who cheered for him at every game. I’ve been to all of them, too.
“Duck!” another spectator shouted.
My eyes followed Ezra, and I saw that he was running toward me. He was looking right at me! I wondered why.
A football hit me in the face, blocking me from seeing the love of my life.
“Oww! That hurts!” So that was how people in Tube’s Funniest Videos felt. It wasn’t funny at all.
I held my face in my hands. It hurt so much that I thought my head cracked and I’d feel blood trickling on my arms. The football was there, lying innocently next to my feet.
“Hey, can you throw the ball back?”
Oh my freakin’ ball of fire. That was HIS voice. I composed myself and slowly raised my eyes. Unconsciously, I batted my eyelashes, so he could see how long they were. His hair was ruffled, his forehead glistened with sweat, and he had these lines between his eyebrows as a result of him frowning. But that face, with the thick brows, piercing brown eyes, and those lips that looked better when he smiled—that was the face I couldn’t seem to get tired of staring at.
“Here you go. And don’t worry, it’s totally okay. These things happen to people,” I mumbled.
I couldn’t stop from smiling widely even though I knew I had a big, red splotch on my forehead. Add to that my uncombed hair and the tears that were about to fall due to pain, and you have a good idea how pretty I felt right at that moment. Not.

My Review

Rate:  ♥♥♥♥♥ 
The best scene from the book that I liked most is:
This scene makes the story in a slow mo. I love this scene!
This scene makes the story in a slow mo. I love this scene!
Overall this book is: 

I can’t help myself to read and read until the end. The words that the author used was catchy and easy to understand. I feel like I’m watching a movie. There was a time that I hate Freya for being stupid and for Ezra for being the most stupid.

When I read this story, I keep highlighting some parts and writing comments:

  • Ow! That hurts Frey
  • Destiny really wants them to be together! HAHA! Perfect timing and chance for Freya.
  • Ezra! I hate you!
  • Poor freya! tss!
  • Maybe Francis have some sort of feeling towards Freya. Oh well, I think, he’s better than idiot Ezra.
  • Yes, sometimes in our life, we loved the wrong people and hate the wrong people. That’s life.
  • No! You’re not alone. Francis was with you all the time!
  • A big clap for Ezra! Finally shows his conscience, after what he just did to Frey.
  • Damn, she’s such a bitch!
  • Freya was stunning! I kept on imagining her. Looks pure and gorgeous.
  • O my, this scene is wonderful! Keeping my heart smile like an idiot.
  • I am reading? I think not. I’m watching a romantic movie right know and I’m about to scream!
  • Oh, what a wrong timing
  • Wooa! I wasn’t expecting this.
  • There he goes.
  • I’m beginning to like you Ezra.
  • The litany begins! Haha
  • You finally notice her, no?
  • I want that Umbra!
  • I love this

Wow. I just realized that I wrote so much comment in this book. That’s because, I was so dragged by this story. It’s simple, yet it’s wonderful. Indeed a masterpiece. This story is about believing about what’s inside your heart no matter what the outcome is. Be brave to show your true happiness.

To the author: Thanks for that “Umbra”. Another added knowledge to my brain. HAHA!

claireClaire Du
Claire has been a bookworm ever since she can remember. Her passion for reading started when she met Archie Andrews at the Airport Bookshop. Aside from writing short stories, she also enjoys reading and reviews at http://thebookjunkie.weebly.com, playing the keyboard, and just cuddling with her dog Frou. She’s the author of He Loves Me… Not?, one of the short stories in an anthology called Luna East Vol.1 : Kids These Days.

Purchase link: Buqo

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